ZORB-White 45" Wide (By the Yard)

ZORB-White 45" Wide (By the Yard)
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White Zorb is a super absorbent cloth. 45" in width. Improved performance of reusable cloth diapers and accessory products. ZORB absorbs 10x it's weight in less than half a second. Soft flexible surface, cuts easily with scissors, rotary cutters, cloth drills and die cutters. Lays flat after cutting, no fray, and no curl, sanitizes easily to help keep your products odor free, dries quickly, ideal for AOIs-no fussing with pockets. Zorb is sewn in as a middle layer in soakers, diapers and all types of absorbent pads. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic made of bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fibers. NAFTA compliant. Zorb is an interlining type material, if you're using it in a reusable application it goes in between face and lining fabrics. Care: Wash HOT, dry HOT, Bleach OK, no fabric softeners and no Oxyclean.  Do not prewash before sewing.   Manufactured in USA and Canada. (If you order more than 1 yard it will come in one continuous piece)


TIP:  After making your pad with Zorb always run a stitch down the middle of the pad to avoid bunching in the washing machine.


***You now have an option of 18"x45" cuts of this fabric.

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